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Re: [IP] Zyrtec-affect BG?

    I used to take Chromium Picolinate to help with lean muscle mass
retention. The pill form had absolutley no effect on my blood sugar, but the
Wal-Mart "Fat Burner" drinks with the Chromium Picolinate would cause a hypo
in about a half hour. Probably due more to absorption because it was
dissolved and reached a better point  to be absorbed along the intestine
better than the pill form more than anything else. I never had any high BG's
with  or Allegra and I never tried Zyrtec.

Cody S. Alderson

----- Original Message -----

> I take Zyrtec every day and have not noticed any effect >on my bgs, now if
I  stop taking my multivitamin that has >Chromium in it then I definitely
notice  some high bgs!!
> Cheryl
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