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Re: [IP] Using humalog/novolog

On 12/9/02 7:15 PM, "Sarah Jones" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I'm investigating starting on a pump and so far the d-tron looks best for me.
> But I'm wondering about this problem i've been reading about here of humalog
> causing allergic reactions at the infusion site.  How frequently does this
> happen, and when it does  do pumpers who used humalog without reaction  in
> shots in the past have this trouble?

Michael has said that his statistics show approx. 6% of pumpers do have a
problem with Humalog.   It has occurred with me and I had no problems with
Humalog injection sensitivity.  For awhile I mixed Regular/Velosulin with
Humalog and my sites could last up to 2-1/2 days.  I have since switched to
Novolog and do not experience any of those problems.  YMMV, try Humalog and
if you have a problem with sensitivity that cannot be attributed to tape or
adhesive reactions, then you now have an alternative.      :>)

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