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RE: [IP] brand new - deciding on a pump

The only bad or ugly I have ever heard about Animas was from a MM rep and
once I investigated and got the whole story, determined it was actually a
positive presented in a negative way. I hate sales tactics like that.  And
for the last year (been on this list for 12 mths) no negatives from all the
Animas pumpers on this list.
If there is a negative, I'll be one of the first to voice it after a
thorough investigation. But EVERY time I think I have one, Animas goes above
and beyond.

Mike(who is trying to get to the bottom of numerous occlusion alarms and
battery changes)
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From: Laura Underhill


 You will hear the good/bad/ugly about EVERY pump company, so I would
suggest researching all and finding the one that best suits YOUR needs (ie,
vibrate features, daily insulin needs, size, etc). Check all of them out and
have them send you info, and meet with the reps...

Check out:

Good luck to you!
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