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Re: [IP] I'm a Freestyle Tracker Users

I also really like my FreeStyle tracker. The "modal day" really shows how I
routinely get progressively higher as the day goes on.

I got a 3 pack of zipper cosmetics cases at Walgreen's. I think the three
together cost about $5-$6. They are red - harder to lose, and somewhat
padded. The smallest one holds the PDA with the tracker module. The next
size up holds my Glucagon, strips, lancet, and insulin pen (still waiting
for my pump). The 3rd I keep all my back-up gear.

I also hope they  "come up with a few updates or tweaks to the software as
far as improved features." It would be really nice if you could choose to
look at the details of a record, make any changes, and then skip to the
details of the next record without going back to the diary. I would also
like to be able to indicate that insulin is be before or after a snack.

Janet, do you use the Co-Pilot? If so how do you like it?


From: "Stephens, Janet" <email @ redacted>responding to Summer's
request for info on the FreeStyle Tracker
<Snip>  There is a line graph, a pie graph and a "modal day" graph.  That
one I didn't care about as much but when I went to see my endo last Thursday
I showed him my new "gizmo" and he particularly liked the modal day chart.
<Snip> As far as cases, I'm still looking for an ideal one.  They didn't
think that part through very well,
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