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Re: [IP] Pregnant pumpers....

I'm pregnant for the second time and am on the pump. I wasn't for the first
pregnancy which is a shame but I have found this pregnancy to be just as hard.
I heard stories of diabetic women who have had picture perfect pregnancies
while on the pump and unfortunately it's not the case for me. However, this
pregnancy has gone so much better then my first one did, I actually have a
baby who's a little smaller then the average babies at 30 wks pregnant but
she's doing great. My last child was 9 lbs so it's a relief and as far as the
baby goes, she seems to be doing better then what my first daughter did
throughout the pregnancy. What I'm really praying for is a healthy delivery.
Because my daughter was so large, they used forceps to get her out and I don't
remember much about the labor because of the drugs and pain. After the labor,
my daughter pretty much straight away went into intensive care because her
sugars were too low and she was there for almost four days. I couldn't get out
of bed much since I was in a lot of pain and had an infection so that meant
that I couldn't really breastfeed. I don't think the forceps will be a problem
this time because my second child doesn't seem that big at all, like I said
(and I won't give consent to use them, personal choice), according to the
ultrasounds, she's smaller then average and hopefully the blood sugars aren't
a problem either. Although I have had a rotten pregnancy the second time, it
has gone so much better then the first one, the baby is healthier, my A1C's
are between 5-7 (instead of 8-10) which means overall my diabetes is under a
lot better control which is better for me and the baby. Every pregnancy is
different but I totally agree that diabetic women can have great pregnancies.
Don't let having diabetes stop you from becoming pregnant, just as long as you
take excellent care of yourself and your diabetes and do the best you can
(like Stephanie said). :)

Jacqui Hall
MM508, pumping since May 2002 and 31 wks pregnant (not long to go)

I have been diabetic for 8 years and have gone through two wonderful
pregnancies in the past 2 years.  I have 2 healthy children.  I just started
pumping last week and wish I had been on the pump when I was pregnant.  Sure
would have helped those sugar ups and downs.  I had a 9 lb 13 oz son and a
10lb 10 oz little girl by c-sections.  Had I been on the pump.....they
probably wouldn't have weighed as much.  But now I am on the pump and maybe I
will be on the pump when a third one comes along.....:)  But ladies.....you
can have wonderful pregnancies with healthy babies even if you are a diabetic.
I second that.  :)

Hello. I just wanted to give some of the women that are pregnant or are
considering getting pregnant a little confidence.. I have been type 1 for
almost 9 years, and I had a perfect pregnancy. I had been pumping for
exactly a year when I found out I was pregnant. I gave birth to a 6lb 14oz
baby girl on November 25th. She was full term, and not a big baby. I had to
have a c-section only because she was in distress, she had the umbilical cord
wrapped around her neck, and it also had a knot in it. I just wanted to let
you ladies know that it is possible to have a great pregnancy with diabetes.
Just watch your blood sugars and do the best you can.
Stephanie Olivieri
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