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Re: [IP] deciding on a pump - delivery rates

The choice of pump is a personal one.  Nearly every
person here likes their pump - it does what it needs
to do for them.

I used to use the MM.  I use such small amounts of
insulin, however, that I needed to change to a
different pump that would deliver insulin during a
full hour.  

My basals range from only .1 u per hour to high of .7
u per hour.  Some hours I was getting only one "pulse"
per hour (total of 10u basal per day).  If for some
reason I had to take off my pump for a short time
(i.e. shower) there were some hours where I wasn't
getting ANY insulin since I was missing that single
hourly pulse.  (thanks, but I don't need any reminders
about the "pause" setting).

Since I changed to a newer pump from a different
company - my BGs (for the first time in >15 years of
pumping) are stable!!!  I never understood that hourly
delivery rate method with the MM until recently (and
my MD wasn't willing to believe me that I'm so insulin
sensitive - different issue, but relevant here).

Okay - bottom line being - try them out.  All the
pumps do essentially the same thing - deliver a
continuous infusion of insulin.  Things to consider: 
Do you like the features?  Are they easy to use?  Is
the rep willing to help you answer questions?  Is the
customer service quickly available and helpful?


-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11, pumping since 1985-ish.

With a pump that delivers insulin every 3 minutes, a
.05 unit 
difference can
be significant.    .05u x 20 deliveries per hour = 1
unit.   I would 
that some people would respond better to more
deliveries of lesser 
rather than waiting for the pump to have enough
undelivered insulin 
saved up
so that it can deliver its smallest a basal increment.
  With Kids 
.05u could be a bunch.

- -Brent

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