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[IP] Pregnant pumpers....

Hello. I just wanted to give some of the women that are pregnant or are 
considering getting pregnant a little confidence.. I have been type 1 for 
almost 9 years, and I had a perfect pregnancy.  I had been pumping for 
exactly a year when I found out I was pregnant. I gave birth to a 6lb 14oz 
baby girl on November 25th.  She was full term, and not a big baby. I had to 
have a c-section only because she was in distress, she had the umbilical cord 
wrapped around her neck, and it also had a knot in it.  I just wanted to let 
you ladies know that it is possible to have a great pregnancy with diabetes. 
Just watch your blood sugars and do the best you can. 
Stephanie Olivieri
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