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[IP] Keep on Fighting that insurance company...

After trying to work with my HR dept about getting my tubing/infusion sets covered as prescription instead of DME, I went ahead and wrote an appeal letter to Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield. No reply yet. I don't understand why my own HR people aren't being more helpful though. This year with the old insurance company they went to bat for me and got me an exception to the contract. It was a LOT of hassle to get my first order, but I did eventually get the coverage. Now the HR reps. don't seem at all interested in helping me beyond
passing me off to an Anthem rep. I sure hope none of them ever come down with a chronic, expensive health problem.
I'm trying to decide how long to wait to write a follow-up letter. I faxed and mailed it in on Nov. 27 and copied everyone under the sun, including HR, on it.
I wish I were rich and didn't have to worry about it.

Another seperate issue, does anyone have a sofserter they don't need? I use sofsets and NEED an inserter. My old one is crapping out on me. It seems like the spring is sprung or something and it takes several pushes of the button to get any action. If anyone has one they don't need, I would be glad to exchange some IV Prep Wipes, IV 3000 tape, or something for it. Whatever you would think is fair.

Off to battle the insurance folks again....

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Who hates dealing with those pencil pushsers
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