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[IP] One Touch meter error and bubbles

 <I do like my One Touch
Ultra.. although lately I've been getting a lot of Er2 error messages (bad
test strip) and I've been throwing out strips like crazy.  I think I'm going
to call them tomorrow and complain.>

Hi Lori-

I used to use this meter too and that happened to me all the time. I now have 
a Accucheck Complete (which is big and slow, but I like the way it stores and 
shows you the data). Recently I had error problems with it and found out that 
it was because I was using it near my cell phone. Apparently cell/microwaves 
interfere. Could be the same problem with the One Touch?

Also, I can't remember who posted this now, but whoever said to fill MM 
reservoirs and leave them standing for 1/2 an hour before putting them in the 
pump, you have solved my bubble problems! Thank you !

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