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Re: [IP] deciding on a pump - delivery rates

On 12/9/02 9:16 AM, "Artorius Rex" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> With a pump that delivers insulin every 3 minutes, a .05 unit difference can
> be significant.    .05u x 20 deliveries per hour = 1 unit.   I would think
> that some people would respond better to more deliveries of lesser amounts
> rather than waiting for the pump to have enough undelivered insulin saved up
> so that it can deliver its smallest a basal increment.   With Kids pumping,
> .05u could be a bunch.
> -Brent

What is more significant is that if you had a set basal rate of 0.05 units
an hour, your delivery every 3 minutes would be 0.0025 units.  A pump that
delivers 0.1 unit per delivery cannot come close to achieving that.

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