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Re: [IP] deciding on a pump - delivery rates

With a pump that delivers insulin every 3 minutes, a .05 unit difference can
be significant.    .05u x 20 deliveries per hour = 1 unit.   I would think
that some people would respond better to more deliveries of lesser amounts
rather than waiting for the pump to have enough undelivered insulin saved up
so that it can deliver its smallest a basal increment.   With Kids pumping,
.05u could be a bunch.


--- email @ redacted wrote:
> My paradigm delivers in 0.1 units per button press for express bolus, and my
> audio bolus delivers in 0.5 - That is user adjusted, you can do it in 0.1 but
> I'd end up with to many beeps!  It also delivers in 0.1 for basal rates. 
> This is great for me as I almost always use full or 0.5 units, I don't need
> 0.05 units  but know there are many out there that do.
> Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
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