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[IP] Re: Re: deciding on a pump

I did say .05, check the posting again. <SNIP> Deanna >>>

<< Not offended, but I think you meant to say
".05 instead of 0.1", didn't you?>>

But, Deanna, I think you should reread the part Mark included that you DID

email @ redacted wrote:
> You can set basals in smaller increments, .05
> instead of .5. >>

It's the last number he brought into question - the .5. MM pumps deliver in
0.1 units. Some can be set - on remote or audio bolus for .5 but that's the
individual user's choice. Therefore, Mark asked if you meant .1 instead of
.5. (~_^)

Jan - a verrrrrrrrry happy MiniMed user since 1992. ;)
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