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Re: [IP] Question: How important is it to have a pro-pump endo?

Hey Leeann,

  Three years ago when Joshua went on his pump he was #2 pumper.  Kerri's dtr 
was #1, and that was between TWO Peds Endos in this military practice.  We 
were the guinea pigs but now...well, I don't know how many pumpers they have 
between them but they (the Endos) sure do LOVE the pumps and what it has done 
for their kids!  Sometimes it just doesn't matter how many other pumpers a 
doc has.  The fact that the doc is intersted in learning about the new 
technologies and to support those few patients that are intersted in trtying 
out the new technologies (yes I know that pumps ar not that new, but you know 
what I'm saying!!) well, THAT is THE most important thing really!

Goo Luck!

mom to Joshua
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