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[IP] ] Re: jury duty

I was excused via a note from the doctor before even having to go to the 
court house. I was given a fax number to have the doctor send the letter to. 
Being on a pump and testing 10-12 times a day is part of it, but also because 
of digestion problems I eat small meals throughout the day. I work in a law 
office and I know that when dealing with jurors they want people who aren't 
going to be distracted by beeps or finger sticks and also the distractions 
that come with the lows. It does not sound fair to most people however if you 
are hearing evidence in a murder case were someone's life is at stake they 
want to prempt any distractions ahead of time. I also want to add that my 
boss is also a diabetic so there is no prejudice on his part.
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