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[IP] Minimed & Deltec Cosmo Info

I went to a support group this week at John Muir Hospital in Walnut
Creek, CA and learned a couple
of real neat things.

1)        Minimed is uspposed to be coming out (By February) with the
unit to be able to upload 508
inforamtion to your computer. It will also let you read you blood glucose
meters to combine information.
They had no idea of the price, but currently doctors pay about $350 for
the unit and $100 for the
softwware. I hope they bring it down to a readable price.

2)        The Delte Cosmo looks great. It can be setup from your computer
and has very man bells
and whistles. I have Kaiser and I doubt they will include for now, but I
can hope. It will be interesting
to see what people have to say about Deltec when they start using this

Love this site. I bought a laptop computer so I can read the digests on
my commute to work.

                        Mark  Zeserson
                        T1 since 1970
                        MM 508 since 11/30/200

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