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In a message dated 12/8/02 7:55:18 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> << I just got a summons in the mail for jury duty.
> What do most of you do when faced with this opportunity?
> I know some are testing every two hours and either eating or doing 
> correcting
> boluses.  Can you do that as a juror?
> Do some of you have your doctor write a note excusing.
> Do some of you jump to the chance to do your civic duty and serve with 
> pride
> and honor.
> If I do end up on a jury, I think I'll watch the Pauly Shore movie before I
> go! >>
       I was called for the federal jury, was told must have a letter from 
Doctor, he give me the letter carried it to the court clerk, she removed my 
name from the list that was about 10 yrs ago never hear from them again.

       About 3 yrs ago received letter from the county court, went to clerk
told her the results of the federal jury, she said she would remove my name
from the list, I guess she did as I have not heard from them again.

       I do not care to be selected on a jury that could last for days or 
than need some assistance, than end up causing a mistrial.

Elzie Speir
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