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[IP] Aetna/HMO should i continue the fight for pt/frozen shoulder

<PRE>Hi, my hmo, said i can't have any more pt per my contract. but i wrote them 
asking for a medical extension and asked them many questions etc. they pretty 
much ignore anything i ask, they don't even acknowledge my questions my 
appeals. so long story short i got a letter in the mail again not answering 
my questions but saying they would like me to come in person to there office 
for a lever 2 appeal. whatever that is. i mean all i asked for was to be 
allowed 6 more visits, i need 12 but would settle for 6. i can't understand 
why they will not let me. i sent them all my lab tests and my doctor sent a 
letter as well. they just keep giving me the run around. they said i don't 
have to come, i go do by phone, or not show up at all and they would look 
over it again? wondering if anyone has ever dealt with this? should i give 
up, am i wasting my time? thanks Sincerely Eileen
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