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Re: [IP] Pharmacists-insurance co. and strips

I often feel low about 1 hour after eating and bolusing - I then test myself and can tell by that number if I will be low after the Humalog has finished its work.  The number may be like 6.8(which is perfect) but it's to low for 1 hour after eating.  That is why I test often.  I also test before driving, before I go out with the kids(don't want to end up face down in a snowbank with a 2 year old running the streets)  and on and on - sometimes I do test every half hour if I feel like I need to.  But hey thats my thing, I remember like 5-6 years ago testing only 2x a day and hating that!  Now I'm averaging 10 a day!  Once once you start testing often and see how much better it can be, you totally rely on it.  I can't leave the house to walk to the store(10 mins. there and back) without my tester or I panic!!!

I know many people who only test about 4x a day and if that works for them its great but it definatly doesn't work for me.  :-)

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> On the diabetes end of it and the use of strips. I remember my 
> diabeteseducator telling me that I don't need to test every half 
> hour to see if my
> blood sugar went down - to exercise restraint because humalog 
> stays "active"
> for two hours and it does take two hours for the blood sugar to go 
> down. That
> is just something that came to mind when I remember reading on the 
> IP that
> somebody tests 8-10 hours a day. That seems like a lot to me, and 
> I do have a
> lot of trust in my pump knowing in general that I have "a little 
> bit high at
> some times of the day and a little bit low at others". I try to 
> stay average
> but sometimes, I just know when to let a high stand uncorrected. 
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