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[IP] Pharmacists-insurance co. and strips

I have been following this thread and my thought is that: sometimes I go
through 5-6 strips a day and sometimes I go through 4 a day - depending on my
day. I can understand insurance is a costly business. At our agency of about
500 people, we supposedly "cost" the insurance company a lot of money-I don't
remember the amount exactly but the administration at the agency do not seem
happy about it.

The employees were told to be more cost conscious on what we need. I know that
prescription drugs are the most costly. We do have some insulin dependent
diabetics and some type two's and many people that had heart surgery,
preventative tests - colonoscophies, etc. We have to pay a portion of our
premium per month plus we opted for a higher co pay.

The whole word is prevention-we have had a program from the local hospital via
a grant to teach weight loss and heart healthy food choices.

On the diabetes end of it and the use of strips. I remember my diabetes
educator telling me that I don't need to test every half hour to see if my
blood sugar went down - to exercise restraint because humalog stays "active"
for two hours and it does take two hours for the blood sugar to go down. That
is just something that came to mind when I remember reading on the IP that
somebody tests 8-10 hours a day. That seems like a lot to me, and I do have a
lot of trust in my pump knowing in general that I have "a little bit high at
some times of the day and a little bit low at others". I try to stay average
but sometimes, I just know when to let a high stand uncorrected. Happy pumping
Sharon B
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