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[IP] Re: jury duty

I was called a few weeks ago and made it through about four rounds of 
eliminations before being axed by the defense for a murder trial. I still 
wonder why I was cut. I happen to think I would be an excellent juror :-)
Anyway, I don't see any reason why you can't test and correct during jury 
service. Judges granting excuses from jury service are becoming more and more 
difficult to come by. I can't imagine judges excusing diabetics, there are 
too many of us.
I was more concerned about being able to have food in the jury room and 
courtroom. In the court I was in, people were allowed to bring lunches and 
eat in the jury room. As for court, judges take nice long lunches, so it 
shouldn't be a problem. I can't imagine not being able to pop a few glucose 
tabs when necessary.
Maybe the best thing to do would be to call the courthouse and inquire on 
these issues. Also, if you do end up on a jury, I would discuss the issues 
with the judge as well so he/she is aware of what the pump beeps and glucose 
tabs are all about.
dxed T1 9/92, pumping since 1/02

In a message dated 12/8/02 10:24:03 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< I just got a summons in the mail for jury duty.

What do most of you do when faced with this opportunity?

I know some are testing every two hours and either eating or doing correcting
boluses.  Can you do that as a juror?

Do some of you have your doctor write a note excusing.

Do some of you jump to the chance to do your civic duty and serve with pride
and honor.

If I do end up on a jury, I think I'll watch the Pauly Shore movie before I
go! >>
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