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[IP] Re: deciding on pump

With your low insulin requirements, you may want to consider the Animas pump. 
You can set basals in smaller increments, .05 instead of .5. Many people on 
the Insulin Pumpers list have switched from Minimed to Animas for this 
feature. The company web site is listed on the Insulin Pumpers site. Check it 
out and contact them for more information.
Best Regards,
P.S. I'm e-mailing privately because I get the Digest format and can't always 
keep up with it. Also, Minimed users have gotten quite defensive in the past 
about listers pointing out the benefits of alternative products.

In a message dated 12/7/02 6:44:01 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Hi all, brand new to the list.  I was wanting to get some advice from
real people on the pump.  I'm in the process of getting one (everything
is final with insurance and everything) I just need to decide which one
I want to get!  I'm 25 years old and type 1 for almost 11 years.  My
doctor highly suggests MiniMed, but I don't want to just take his word
for it.  Most people I've talked to have gone with MM, but here again I
don't want to just follow everyone else.  


With injections right now, I'm on about 35 u of insulin per day, so I
can go with a smaller model.  Before I had to make this decision, I
didn't know there were other companies besides MM and Disetronic!  To be
honest, the Paradigm looks like a good match for me and everything I
would want.  Can you help me?  Thanks in advance for any advice! >>
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