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[IP] Meter Check - One Touch Ultra

About one month ago one container (from a box of 100)  of my One Touch 
Ultra test strips  had an inordinate number of "Error5" strips.  I 
checked to make sure I had enough blood on the strips.  I did.

I called Lifescan.  They sent me a new box of 100 strips and, with 
postage paid by Lifesan, I returned the unused strips in my "bad" box .

I was curious as to why this container had "bad strips" as I have, in my 
many years of meter use, never encountered this problem.

I would call Lifescan right away.  Perhaps you have a strip problem(I'd 
try another container of strips with a different code) or a meter 
problem.  I have had to return one Ultra because of problems.

Hope this helps,
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