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Re: [IP] DTron Pen Cartridges

On 12/8/02 1:17 AM, "Kim Baker" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Quick question for the DTron+ users. I see that 3ml pen cartridges can be
> used in this unit but the only ones I see mentioned are the Humalog from
> Lilly. Can the novolog pen fills be used in this pump?
> Cheers
> Kim

I'm not a D-tron user, but I do know that Disetronic HIGHLY discourages the
use of the Novo cartridges in the D-tron, and that its use can cause damage
to the pump.  The cartridge may appear to fit the pump, but there is a size
difference in the diameter and because of that your actual amount infused
will not be correct.  Matter of fact, on page 34 of the D-tron Plus manual
it states that use of Novo or Aventis cartridges will void your warranty.

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