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[IP] RE: Vent (about pharmacists and test strips)

I believe that when you really look at the situations with pharmacies, it's
usually not the store name or place but the person(s) involved. It takes a
real understanding of how insurances work (or don't work) to give good
customer service. I've been fortunate to find excellent pharmacists at
Wal-Mart in both OH and PA. Sometimes they even surprise me. My biggest
problem has been with the staff at my doctor's office. When I switched to
using the Ultra meter, I called to get a new prescription for test strips.
>From previous experience, I stressed writing "Test 8-10 times daily" on the
prescription. Alas, I didn't say anything about the quantity because I
thought it would be in my file. When I went to pick up my strips, I found
the prescription had been written for 100, not 300 strips. The pharmacist
told me that she questioned that amount but was emphatically told it was
correct. Lucky for me the pharmacist filled it as a 10-day supply.

To further this vent a little, when I called to get a corrected prescription
I had a hard time convincing the person to make the prescription for 300
strips even though my prescription before I switched meters was for 300 and
even after suggesting that they "do the math". A month's supply of test
strips, testing 8-10 times daily, cannot be filled with 100 strips! And,
adding insult to injury, this person did write the prescription for 300
strips but with no refills! I will find out names next time because some
people in the office are able to do it correctly.

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