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Re: [IP] testing for sugar content

At 08:59 PM 12/7/02, you wrote:
>I just tried testing diet coke and regular sprite on my one touch ultra..
>the diet coke reading was 39 and the sprite reading was HI.
>I also tried putting the soda on the back of the test strip, as someone else
>had suggested.. but it didn't turn purple, it just stayed the same.
>I usually used the urine test strips.. but this is nice to know too.
>(Dxd 02/27/97 ~ Pumping With My Blue Paradigm Since 09/03/02)

Then it must have been the Fast Take that wouldn't or maybe an AccuCheck 
one... I remember trying to test once and just got errors.  Btw, with the 
way I have to fight with insurance to get test strips, I sure don't want to 
waste them testing softdrinks anyways.

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