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Re: [IP] Meter Check..

I just began using the Accu-Chek Compact including the IR sync to the
computer and software.  I'm actually on a 2week testing period that has me
sending back my opinion and such.
I find it very useful for myself because of not having to handle the test
strips, and I'm sure that lends more accuracy to the results.  I have severe
peripheral neuropathy to my hand and feet with a deadness to my dominant
hand so not having to fish a strip out of a bottle and exposing the
remaining strips to whatever is on even clean fingers.
Now the downside is that it doesn't have any functions besides averaging
over a seven day period.  My opinion is that it should be able to collect
the data that the Advantage does so it can go ahead and sync it all without
me having to update the information manually when I'm on the pc.

What do you think so far???

Lisa Ann
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