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[IP] Re: carb content/flour

Flours vary quite a bit by the type of wheat they are produced from.  For 
instance, Canadian flour is made from hard wheat and is perfect for baking 
bread.  In Europe, you need to buy more expensive bread flour if you bake 
bread, as their usual flour is very soft and perfect for cakes.  USA flour is 
in between the two.  The Black and Decker bread machine has a recipe book 
included which has 2 versions of each bread recipe, using different amounts 
depending on whether you are in the USA or Canada.
       I don't have info on the difference in carbs between these types of 
flours, but certainly similar volumes will weigh differently.  My current bag 
of Canadian flour has 73 carbs in 100 grams, or 88 carbs in one cup.   

Barbara, mum of Claire 8

> I think the reason we're seeing such different numbers for the carb count 
> is that measuring flour by volume is notoriously inaccurate.   Depending on 
> whether the flour has been compacted in the bag for a while or has been 
> sifted or otherwise "fluffed up" you'll get a very different amount by 
> weight in the cup measure. 
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