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[IP] Question: How important is it to have a pro-pump endo?

Hi all,

I'd like to throw out a question and ask for your opinions.  As I said in a previous post, I'm interviewing and actively looking for a new endo because mine--who was the best doctor I've ever had in my entire life :-( --retired his practice.  Now I'm wondering if my standards are too high, and whether I'm looking for something that really isn't important anyway.

I recently went to see a doctor recommended in the Pump Doc section of this list.  I asked him how many pump patients he had, and he said about a dozen. (I was underwhelmed.)  His first question when he heard I was on a pump was, "Did you gain weight?"  (Odd to start with a negative question, especially since that's not a given...and I happened to have lost a little weight myself because I didn't *have* to eat if I didn't want to.)  Then he said that he thinks most patients could do just as well with Lantus.

He was a pleasant enough guy, but my feeling is that I'd prefer to have an endo who is really pro pump.  And 12 pump patients?  It just doesn't seem like he would have enough experience to be helpful.  But...I'm just wanting a reality check, because I wonder if my last guy was so fabulous that no one will be able to measure up.

Do you guys think it's valuable/important/essential to have a pro-pump endo?  I'd be interested in hearing your experiences and advice.

thanks in advance,
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