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Re: [IP] Meter Check

<< I was wondering...Does anyone have the Accu-Chek Compact Blood Glucose Meter, the one that holds drum of 17 strips?  If so, please share your opinion of it with me.
`Lori >>

Hi Lori,

I was just given that meter from a new endo I was thinking of trying.  (My endo went into research and closed his practice, so I'm interviewing.)  I really don't like it...I am not an experienced user, by any means, but I just don't think it compares to the OneTouch Ultra  (I LOVE that meter.)  And  my big question is:  How can I go from 5-second tests to 10 seconds??!  I know that sounds dumb to some people, but I have really found that that small time difference is noticeable when you test as many times per day as I do.  BTW, the endo wanted me to use it so he could have all patients on the same meter and then be able to download all BG results, but I just can't switch from my Ultra.

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