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Re: [IP] itchy skin

Hi Julie,

I have *super* dry skin, too, but I'm pretty picky about wanting my skin to smell good.  (I just don't care for the udder creams, etc., for that reason.) I use a product from Bonny Doon Lavender Farms (based here in northern California) that is a base of cocoa butter, beeswax, and olive oil (so it *really* absorbs and stays in after a shower), with pure lavender oil added to make your skin smell great!  It works incredibly well for me, and if you don't like lavender, they make a lemon verbena and rose geranium-scented version, too.  The product is called "Gardeners Salve," and you can get it at www.bonnydoonfarm.com/page2.html.

I also use a body scrub (exfoliator) on my body once a week or every other week, so I can get rid of the dead skin--that helps whatever cream you use really penetrate.  Also, as someone already mentioned, it's especially important to apply the cream/lotion right after you get out of the tub or shower.

Finally--and most important, IMO--drink lots of water. If you aren't hydrated from the inside out, no cream will work.

good luck,
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