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[IP] Pharmacies

It is true that the insurance company has the say over what prescriptions get 
filled and when.  I've run in to this problem lately with Walgreens and my 
local pharmacy with a script I was trying to get refilled before we left on 
vacation.  I had only a few days left and would have to have it refilled 
before we left so I would have enough.  I called it in to Walgreens and when 
I went to pick it up, I still had 3 days before I could have it covered by 
insurance.  I ended up paying for the script out of pocket just so I could 
have enough.  It wasn't a big deal, but more of an inconvenience.  Since the 
doctor writes my a script for a 35 day supply. if I try to refill anything 
before 34 days, my insurance will not cover it.

I have had this problem with another pharmacy also, so it is not the pharmacy 
it is the insurance company.  Nothing anyone can do about it, except for pay 
out of pocket - which can be expensive.

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