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Re: [IP] carb content/flour

At 08:24 PM 12/7/02 -0500, you wrote:
 >ahh, but that is for "bleached".  I'm not a baker, whats the difference
 >between bleached and unbleached?

One is bleached, the other is not.  <g> That shouldn't affect the carb 
content though.

I think the reason we're seeing such different numbers for the carb count 
is that measuring flour by volume is notoriously inaccurate.   Depending on 
whether the flour has been compacted in the bag for a while or has been 
sifted or otherwise "fluffed up" you'll get a very different amount by 
weight in the cup measure.  This is why professional bakers measure flour 
by weight, not volume.

A properly "fluffed up" cup of flour should contain 4 ounces, or about 115 
grams. According to the USDA nutritional database 100 grams of unbleached 
white flour has 76.31 carbs.

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