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[IP] Lawsuits

Why discuss this?

IMO, it is deleterious to people with diabetes to be looked upon as "Stupid"
The guy suing fast food places is, in a sense blaming them because he has
diabetes and other health woes. Like HE couldn't have pushed away from their
tables (and someone REALLY held a gun to his head telling him to shovel in
the food!).

Frivolous lawsuits indirectly affect everyone. When it is our turn with a
legitimate complaint, how many folks in the legal profession will actually
take us seriously? After a while, I doubt many of them will.

IMHO, I feel this was brought up and discussed because the plaintiff is
citing the fast food industry for his health woes -one of which being
diabetes- and is failing to recognize his own response-ability in his

-- "It's not a bug, it's a feature." - Bill Gates

Jenny Sutherland
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