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[IP] My Recent Lab Test Results

Hi Folks,
    I started on the Paradigm pump 10/10/02. Before that I started on MDI in
August with a HbA1C of 8.1. I got my October results that are as follows:
HbA1C is now 6.2! (Of course the few hypos I had skewed that result)
Kidney is normal.
No evidence of damage to my eyes (I can't see up close like I used to but
everything else is okay)
Fasting BG 103
Thallium Stress test is normal.

    I could never achieve the 6.2 on Humulin R and NPH twice per day, and that
is what I was on for 11 years since diagnosed. Two shots per day up until
August of this year. I am very fortunate only to have a little neuropathy.
    With these results I told my CDE that maybe I can look forward to a longer
life with the pump--Unless I get hit by a bus! <grin>.
    Thank you for helping me with the transition from shots to pump.

Your Fellow Pumper,

Cody S. Alderson
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