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[IP] Re: Nutrition law

>Naw... the law says that if you ship food in interstate commerce you must
>provide nutritional info. Many resturant chains do it because they are
>"good guys".


I'm afraid that still isn't the law.  Now you're going to have to make me
look up the law again, aren't you.  I'll get back on that.  But I know for a
fact that resturants of a certain size are required to.  About a year and a
half we dealt with this law in quite a lot of detail due to my son's food
allergies.  I've never heard a THING about being interstate...but then we
were looking specifically at food chain laws, so I'm sure that is true, and
is there for food labels dealing with selling packaged food, etc.

Again, when I get a chance, I'll go look up the law specifics again.

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