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Re: [IP] Re: Vent - Pharmacies

" I don't want to be
> treating like I am trying to 
> cheat the system when I am just trying to get what I
> need.
>> Laurie"

I have only been following this thread a little bit,
but am confused as to why this is even an issue.  The
pharmacies have nothing to say about how a Rx gets
filled, and if they try to say that they do, I would
challenge them in a big way.  How Rxs get filled is
determined by your insurance company and how the Dr.
writes the Rx.  I use 300 strips a month, 2 vials of
Novolog...no discussion with my pharmacist at all.  I
think I am sounding a bit "crabby" about this, but it
seems that we diabetics are always having to dance
around the system to get what we need and I am sick of
it.  I just want to explode when I hear about someone,
who is not a diabetic, telling a diabetic how many
times they need to test in a day....Sheesh!!  
Blessings (and I mean it :-) )  Cynthia

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