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Re: [IP] brand new - deciding on a pump

Just wanted to say, I went with the paradigm insulin pump. Have been pumping
for two weeks and one day. I totally love it, not so much the paradigm, but
the fact that my life is so much easier. I was using 48 to 60 units a day on
shots, and since switching to an insulin pump, have gone down to just 16.8
units a day without taking additional for meals. I was kind of worried about
the reservior size on the paradigm once I already had it, but so far so
good. I've been a diabetic since age eleven, now thirty, and I'm in the best
control ever. Actually, I'm in control now, not my diabetes in control of
me. We have two small children, and its been really great with them. Our
oldest is two, and he'll ask about it, but never bothers it. Anyway, an
advice I was given, all pumps do the same thing, it's just a matter of your
preference. Mine happened to be the paradigm because of the look of it. To
me, it looked more like a beeper, or cell phone. I'm not one to draw
attention to myself, so that's another thing I was looking for. Good luck on
your decision, its the best decision I've ever made !!
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> Hi all, brand new to the list.  I was wanting to get some advice from
> real people on the pump.  I'm in the process of getting one (everything
> is final with insurance and everything) I just need to decide which one
> I want to get!  I'm 25 years old and type 1 for almost 11 years.  My
> doctor highly suggests MiniMed, but I don't want to just take his word
> for it.  Most people I've talked to have gone with MM, but here again I
> don't want to just follow everyone else.
> With injections right now, I'm on about 35 u of insulin per day, so I
> can go with a smaller model.  Before I had to make this decision, I
> didn't know there were other companies besides MM and Disetronic!  To be
> honest, the Paradigm looks like a good match for me and everything I
> would want.  Can you help me?  Thanks in advance for any advice!
> Tara
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