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Re: [IP] brand new - deciding on a pump

On 12/7/02 8:02 AM, "Tara Carney" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hi all, brand new to the list.  I was wanting to get some advice from
> real people on the pump.  I'm in the process of getting one (everything
> is final with insurance and everything) I just need to decide which one
> I want to get!  I'm 25 years old and type 1 for almost 11 years.  My
> doctor highly suggests MiniMed, but I don't want to just take his word
> for it.  Most people I've talked to have gone with MM, but here again I
> don't want to just follow everyone else.

I wouldn't choose a pump on anyone's advice without trying first myself.
Pumps are a very personal item and what may be good for one person will not
necessarily be good for you.  Ask each company you are interested in to give
you a "loaner" pump.   You will use this with saline, if you intend to
infuse with it, or water just to drip out.  Wear this for a few days using
all the features that you would access if it were really your insulin
supply.  Then you'll learn the features/peculiarities of each pump.  THIS is
the way to learn which is for you!

Happy Pumping!!!

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