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[IP] Re: Vent - Pharmacies

"jhughey" <email @ redacted wrote:

"I think it's a *people* problem and not a corporation problem. A pharmacist
at Kroger gave me one vial of Humalog on my 2-vial Rx. He said, "The
insurance company doesn't like that. I took it since I wasn't yet an IPer.
Since joining IP I have learned lots and now stand up for myself insurance
wise and otherwise. ;)

I'll rather venture to say that it would be that way at Walgreen's or
Wal*Mart or other places who have this practice. I don't know if the
particular person who won't allow the full 'script gains anything by their
disallowing. If it's not out of their pockets, big hairy deal. Give us what
it says. Period. Forget the hassles!!! (~_^)"

Jan - I have wondered too what they get out of refusing additional medication 
for us since if does sometimes depend on the person of the pharmacy's 
interpertation.  I was getting my RX at Dominick's (local grocery chain) and 
they were always "confused" by how much I wanted.  I had originally wanted 3 
vials a month and they figured based on the daily amount I used that it was 
not correct.  I tried to explain that there was some waste in using the 
insulin pump but they clearly did not understand.  They also didn't believe 
that I test 8X a day and I've thought wouldn't it be better for the insurance 
companies in the long run if they questioned the people who don't test so 
much!  When I moved I switched to Walgreens and when I needed more strips and 
my doctor was out of the office, my doctor's office called in 100/month.  I 
explained to the pharmacist what I needed and they changed the RX to be 
refilled in 15 days.  Since I currently have 0.00 co-pay on strips this really 
wasn't a problem except for inconvenience so I had my Dr. call in the correct 
amount but at least they were willing to make sure I could get what I needed.  
Walgreens was also super nice when we took all my daughter's RX from the 
hospital to be filled and those were not exactly clear.  I helped them clarify 
some of the RX's because I know what hassels you can get at the Pharmacy (i.e 
they don't assume that you will get pen needles with insulin pens).  They had 
written test 4 times a day and even though that is their expectations because 
she is on shots, I said she will also need to test before she drives, when she 
doesn't feel well, at least sometimes after she eats because this is all new 
and some strips end up getting wasted.  So the intern added those "comments" 
to the RX and she ended up with 200 strips/month which should be fine. Also I 
don't understand why they have to be rude about it if it is an insurance rule 
that they are following.  I don't want to be treating like I am trying to 
cheat the system when I am just trying to get what I need.

Type 1 
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