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Re: [IP] Re: vent


You are of course right.  I have no hypoglycemic symptoms until about 54 or
so.  And yes, I look at what I'm going to eat and make a wild guess.

Now, I have every complication of diabetes except gastroparesis.  Maybe I've
been doing this all wrong?


Who sees the dietician on Monday
> I test 8-10 times a day and many times, I don't feel that is enough.  I
> tested today, before driving and my bs was 49.  After a fefw minutes, I
> finally started to feel the low.
> If you don't test before or after meals, how do you know if you are
> the right amount of insulin?  I am often very surprised when I test. I
> to think I could tell when my bs was high............NOT
> the other night, I thought it was high (i was very thirsty) and checked
> before giving any correction bolus... bs was 101.
> Julie
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