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[IP] Re: Emla Cream

> Sadly, Emla >Cream is now off the market so if anyone wants to start it,
> >can't get it until some time in mid 2003. They have to >design a
> >container is the reason it's now inaccessible. :-(((
> >email @ redacted - who uses two 4" strips of Emla Cream 2 hrs. before insertion of 2,
> 15g dialysis needles.<
> Jan and other Emla users,
> They do have Lidoderm patches, which are typically used for post-herpatic
neuraligia. Since it works in a similar fashion as the Emla, perhaps it
would help achieve the same results. I think the patch is big though, so you
may be able to cut it in strips or smaller pieces. It's worth asking the doc
about anyway.
> Joann
> Mom to Cara

Thanks, Joann. I know the dialysis center is very aware of the dilemma and
is working on an alternative. I sure hope these patches work the same as I
need two hours of application instead of the usual 1 hr.  Another lady needs
only 20 minutes. This is a YMMV situation I guess. (~_^)

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