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Re: [IP] Questions for pump companies

Tell her to check out the Animas IR1000.
I LOVE mine and the company service is great.
A lot of kids and parents like the features on the Animas.
All the pumps do the same thing and it's according to each individual
The important thing for kids and adults to do is to choose one and get
I'm new and haven't felt this good in 28 years.
I wish I hadn't procrastinated.
I talked with the different reps and my husband and I played with the pumps.
We both concluded the Animas was the best for me.  It's very user friendly.
I'm an old lady and have proven that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
There are lots of pump Moms in the group and I'm sure you can get lots of
good information.
Best of luck to your friend's daughter.
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Subject: [IP] Questions for pump companies

> What questions would everyone suggest that a prospective pumper ask of
> companies?  My friend's daughter is almost ten, diagnosed this past March.
> She has already contacted Deltec, and is interested in talking to the
> pump reps.  When I was getting ready to go on the pump, I didn't know that
> there were any pumps other than Minimed.  Minimed is who my endo
suggested, I
> didn't even talk to anyone else.  Anyone have any advice?
> Thanks~
> Jan
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