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Re: [IP] testing for sugar content

On 12/6/02 7:53 PM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> A while back, someone was talking about how they can test pop to see if it is
> diet or not.  I am asking because I can't tell the difference between regular
> and diet pop.  I have my kids taste it, and occasionally.. the regular pop is
> in the diet spicket.
> What kind of strips can be used to do this? Do you use the strip along with
> your meter or is there a strip you can use visually?  Does it work on other
> food?

Any "visual" glucose test strip would work, I wouldn't waste a "metered"
strip as you only need part of a visual one to work.  The test is only done
to confirm the presence of a glucose (sugared colas) or not (diet colas).
This isn't a quantitative analysis, carbs are there or they aren't.  You
mean there are "diet foods"???     ;>)     I can't think of a use other than
for colas.

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