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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #834

>The only time restaurants are *required* to provide nutritional 
>is when they have menu items listed as low fat or some other specific
>nutritional claim. 

That isn't true.  I can't remember the exact law, but restaurants of 
certain sizes in terms of number of stores and/or amount of revenue are 
required, by law, to have nutritional information available.  I looked 
into this law because my son has food allergies, and there was a 
restaurant that refused to tell us what was in (or, in our was what 
WASN'T in) a food due to my son's food allergies.  We looked up the 
law, contacted the restarant headquarters, and they sent out a mass 
mailing informing their stores of the policy change.  Now, they will 
tell you.  :-)

It is based on size because the small independent restarants are 
exempt.  But, I can assure, chains such as McDonald's are REQUIRED to 
provide it.   
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