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[IP] Re: Colonoscopy and a gallon of yuck

At 08:30 AM 12/6/02, you wrote:
>I had a colonoscopy about 8 months ago.  I had a severe low
>about an hour after starting to drink the gallon of yuck.  I think
>my problem was that I started drinking the Colyte too soon after I
>finished dinner (about 1.5 hours).

Ok, I just got to make a comment here.  Don't know what you guys were told 
to drink, but hubby was told to use Fleets.  A little dab'll do ya...  no 
gallon of anything.  When I had surgery about 9 years ago, I think I was 
told to drink some outlandish thing like that and my endo told me to just 
use Fleets, it's much better and works just as well.  Just make sure you 
drink a lot of fluids with it, since you can get pretty dehydrated.   Just 
my 2 cents worth.

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