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Re: [IP] Anyone in Canada (how do you order supplies?)

There is a MiniMed Rep in Montreal. His name is Mark Mailloux, Canadian
Manager for MiniMed, address is 6600 TransCanada HWY, Suite 610,
Pointe-Claire, Que. H9R4S2.

Tel: 514-695-0571 or toll free 1-877-922-6786 fax 514-695-0976

email:  email @ redacted


I think they will be able to help you with ordering your supplies.

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do you get your supplies? I > > moved last year from Washington, DC to
Montreal, > > Quebec and this is the first time I need to order > >
supplies for my pump (Minimed 507C). > >i go through medigas, but you
should be able to get them through your >pharmacy too. >
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