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RE: [IP] Another whopper of a lawsuit

Discussion is ALWAYS a good thing.  And the fact that we all have
choices and individual beliefs as to the merits of the case is also a
good thing.  We all relate because as diabetics we daily make choices
that either aid or detract from our ability to control our
disease...just as these individuals chose to eat fast food.  The other
question outside of the wisdom of a fast food diet is what role did
MacDonald's and others play in influencing that choice?  Similar
arguments can made about some of the recent large financial judgments in
favor of smokers who have lung cancer.  I don't think you can say that
in either case people have not at some point heard of the health risks
associated with both cigarettes and fast food.  An individual's
likelihood to heed such advice is directly related to their belief as to
their susceptibility to the effects of the behavior...ie. cancer,
obesity, etc..  A researcher at the University of Michigan named
Marshall Becker has done a lot of work on this and it has been used to
explain compliance and/or noncompliance behavior in numerous patient
groups.  Sorry for the long winded response but his theory is very

My opinion in this case, is that we as individuals are responsible for
our decisions and need to accept accountability rather than blaming
advertising etc. for our choices.  My opinion only.

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Actually Kathie this law suit is brand new.  It also involves Wendy's
Burger King.   As to it's relevance?  Uh, it's food, and diabetics eat
Yeah!  That's the ticket!!

> > someone explain to me why we are
> > discussing McDonalds and their lawsuit of several years ago???
> I would also like to know.
> Kathie1432
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