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Re: [IP] Vent

Hi Shawna,

I do understand and I now do believe.  This was coming from my early days on
this list.  Perhaps I should have entitled this more of a confession than an
opinion, because that is what I meant by it.

I don't test before I drive and I know that will freak some people out.  I
do test before and after exercise; but that is mere positive reinforcement
to see how much my BGs can drop after an hour or so of exercise.  Also,
first thing in the morning.  And, I  try to test before meals. (Note the
word try)

My nurse practitioner was aghast that I would even consider testing more
than 4 times a day.  On waking and before each meal was good enough
according to her.  Now I'm seeing an internist.

I go back to the CDE on Monday.  I'll report the number of bruises when she
finds out I'm not close to 6 - 8 tests a day

> Chris,
> Who's CDE wants 6 - 8 tests a day and finds that hard to do!"
> Chris, I'm in the "Honeymoon Period" and started on the pump in August.  I
test when I wake up, before and after meals and before bed - that's 8 times
a day.  Then I test before I drive, so depending on the day, add a couple
more.  Throw in some exercise, basal testing, middle-of-the-night testing,
or an occasional low where you eat a glucose tab and retest every 15
minutes, and it really starts to add up.  I test at least 12 times a day.
If I test less than that, I'm not doing much at all that day and it's a
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