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Re: [IP] Second Meter Free

    In my personal experience you have to complain and threaten to get the
second meter. Threaten as in, "I'll just switch to a more customer service
oriented company, and they can get the business for my 400 strips per
month." Of course it helps if your insurance company supports more than one
company for meters or you are paying cash.
    My insurance company only lets us have Lifescan products. I was using
the Glucometer DEX2. I got a free One-Touch Ultra and wanted a back-up meter
after I had a power failure on the One-Touch. They told me NO. I sent an
email of my dissatisfaction to customer service. A couple of days later
someone called me to tell me they were sending me a back-up meter.
    I have noticed that when I put something in writing whether it be email
or letter I get more satisfactory results than just a phone call. I have
learned a long time ago to keep records and establish a paper trail--even if
the, "paper" is email.
    Use facts to let them know you are serious:
1. I use 400 strips per month.
2. I use an insulin pump and must know my current BG level to bolus for
meals or I cannot eat.
3. I have to test before I drive. Do you want to take responsibility for
your meter failing just when I'm about to go home from work and I don't have
a back-up meter? (This situation happened to me with the One-Touch. I ended
up going low on the drive home and that got their attention).
3. I need to know my BG level to compute a correction when it is high. Do
you want me to go into DKA because my meter fails at 3 A.M.?
4. Do you want a satisfied customer or a customer in search of another
company besides yours?
Write your stuff down before you call again or include it in the letter. I
would wager a couple of bucks that you get a back-up meter.

Good luck,
Cody S. Alderson

----- Original Message -----
> I have read recent posts about people contacting their meter companies to
> a second meter free.  I have a Glucometer Elite and am very happy with it.
> called Bayer customer support yesterday and told them that I am a pumper
> use about 400 strips a month, that I was going on an extended trip, and
that I
> was in a position to recommend their products.  I asked for a second meter
> free.  They told me that they had no such policy and couldn't do it. . .
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