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Re: [IP] Vent--Thank You

Hmmm. Well, I test as often as I can because the more often you test the 
better control I will have over my blood sugars. I tend to wake up several 
times a night and I figure that if I am up I might as well test. I also have 
RA so when I have a flare up my blood sugars go crazy. Most CDE's and Endo's 
want you to test a MINIMUM of 4-6 times a day. That does not mean that it 
isn't a good idea to test more. As for having lives...well I use the Ultra 
and it takes me 30 seconds total to prick my finger get the test strip out 
and get my number. I do it while driving all the time. I do it in movie 
theaters, restaurants...anywhere. I think I can spare at the most 30 seconds 
to do a quick test to make sure I am healthy.
The pharmacist had no right to tell me that I don't test my self 10 times a 
day. She is not an MD. She knows medicines, not how often I need to test. I 
trust her opinion with the 4 other medications I take daily, not with how 
much insulin I should take and how often I should test.

Anyway, I want to thank everyone for letting me vent. I will take the advice 
and talk to the manager as soon as I get back in town in January. For now, I 
am going to enjoy seeing my parents and going skiing as often as my poor 
joints will allow me.


> "Now, I mean this with all respect.  But if you figure that you will 
> normally
> sleep 8 hours a night that leaves 16 hours in which to test 10 times.
> Please try to understand the pharmacist who is incredulous over that amount
> of testing.
> Chris,
> Who's CDE wants 6 - 8 tests a day and finds that hard to do!"
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